Page Design

I partially designed the Spring 2021 edition of The University of Tennessee’s Scoop Magazine. I designed pages 1, 2, 10-17, 21-23, and my own narrative on pages 28-30. I also drew the illustrations on each of those pages.

Professor Robert Heller recommended me as a designer to his colleague who needed a research study published in an attractive layout. The client asked for bright colors, the incorporation of writing utensils on the cover page, easy readability and colorful sidebars.

This is a mock spread in the style of Vanity Fair. Photography provided by my former professor, Robert Heller.

Logo design

Agency 865 is a new opportunity for students at UTK CCI to learn and grow as professionals. Dr. Catherine Luther, dean, asked me to design the logo and provided colors and a pamphlet with an overview of key aspects of the organization.

Sunshine Sushi is a fake business I created in a class to demonstrate how color and font are used to represent brand images. Hypothetically, it’s a healthy food alternative in a modern, open space.

Art by Design

This photo book was a gift to my sister-in-law. In total, I designed 24 pages in Adobe CS with photos I had also taken.